SONY DSCMorning Show Host / Program Director

Greg Dunker is certainly in the right profession, because he talks a lot. All the time. He never stops. Wisecracks, stories, remembrances, rants, quips, puns, allusions, quotes, opinions, Dunker just goes on and on.

Dunker talked his way through Lone Oak High School, all the way into Paducah Community College, where he first put his big mouth behind a microphone. The rest, as they say, is conversational history.

His colleagues at Bristol Broadcasting have endured this non-stop dialogue since 1986. Dunker has hosted the morning show on WKYX since 2004. He spends his spare time annoying the mayor and governor, and adding to his hot sauce collection.

A card-carrying member of the Emil Verban Memorial Society, Dunker knows all the words to “Go Cubs Go”. He’s been married to his wife Denise since 1989. They and their four cats live in Paducah.

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